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    About Us

    For over 50 years, Childs Engineering has dedicated itself to providing engineering services in the specialized field of marine structures. This dedication has created a firm that has extensive expertise and experience in structural engineering all along the waterfront.

    • Engineers are all qualified divers.
    • Confident when diving in harsh conditions. We are prepared to execute dives at any time of the year at any location provided all safety measures are in place. Mobilization via land, water or air transportation is not a problem for our dive crews, having mobilized to perform inspections overseas at locations such as Alaska, Guam, Japan, Spain, and Iceland. We also field crews for underwater inspections throughout the United States.
    • Childs prides itself in being able to mobilize dive crews quickly and on short notice to provide emergency inspections. Our diving engineers are experts at dive hazard analysis and always prepare well for the task at hand. Our divers are all familiar with the ASCE Underwater Investigations Standard Practice Manual and the recommended Level I, II, and III inspection criteria.
    • Full inventory of diving equipment including both SCUBA and Surface Supplied Air, instrumentation for evaluating and recording underwater conditions including potentiometers, ultrasonic thickness measurement devices, digital underwater cameras, and video cameras. For near shore and inshore hydrographic surveying, Childs has assets including a 30-foot landing craft, 22-foot survey/dive boat, submeter GPS, 200 kHz fathometer and electronic total station used in conjunction with computer survey software (HYPACK) for automated data collection and coordination.
    • Childs is a member of the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) and conducts its diving operations according to the ADCI Consensus Diving Standards as well as OSHA, USACE, Navy or USCG regulations as applicable. We are also well versed with USACE EM 385-1-11 standards for contract diving operations and conduct diving operations under these standards on a regular basis.

    For your existing waterfront development:

    • Inspect your facilities
    • Prepare a report of our observations with photographs taken above and below water
    • Provide professional opinion as to the condition of the structure and suggest types and costs of repairs
    • Design needed repairs for the structure
    • Oversee the construction above and below water


    For your proposed new waterfront development:

    • Investigate the site
    • Prepare a feasibility report with concepts for types of structures and estimates of costs
    • Design the structure(s)
    • Prepare necessary permit applications for Government Regulatory Agencies
    • Oversee the construction


    For other services you may need:

    • Inspect and certify the capacity of your dry dock
    • Train your dockmaster in the “Principles and Practices Required for the Safe Dry Docking of Ships”
    • Act as expert witness in litigation involving waterfront structures
    • Inspect for compliance with purchase specifications all special materials you might buy
    • Oversee salvage operations

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