Denso North America Inc.

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About Us

With thousands of pile protection projects installed worldwide, Denso is the preferred choice of owners, engineers and contractors. In business for or 137 years, Denso has the experience and expertise to provide the highest quality pile protection systems. The SeaShield Marine System will add years of life to both new and existing piles. The Denso SeaShield Marine Systems include fiberglass forms, epoxy grouts, underwater epoxies, injectable epoxies, petrolatum tape wrap systems and much more. Denso North America Inc. is a subsidiary of Winn & Coales International, a leading manufacturer of anti-corrosion coatings that include Protal liquid epoxies, Denso petrolatum tapes, mastics, primers, bitumen tapes, butyl tapes, hot applied tapes, and a full line of marine pile protection systems. Winn & Coales was originally established as a business in London, England, in 1883, and the first petrolatum tape manufactured in the UK was Denso tape, manufactured under license by Winn & Coales (Denso) Limited.  Denso tape was developed over 80 years ago for the "Long Life Protection" of buried steel pipelines against corrosion.

Product Information

SeaShield Series 400 consists of three parts - the SeaShield Fiber-Form Jacket, the high-strength C-Grid 450 carbon-fiber grid and either SeaShield 510 UW Grout (cementitious) or SeaShield 550 Epoxy Grout. This system provides a non-corrosive reinforcement to the pile, and offers reduced weight compared to steel reinforcements.
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