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    About Us

    ES-Divers has both the commercial experience and technical know-how to get jobs done efficiently and safely. Our key staff have over 50 years of combined experience in the field of commercial and marine diving. They are experts at mobilizing a team of divers on short notice, meeting strict deadlines in extremely challenging work environments, providing accurate reports and assessments, and providing safe and cost-conscious solutions.  Our clients keep coming back to us because they know they can count on ES-Divers to get the job done right the first time. ES-Divers serves a wide range of clients, performing inland commercial diving work throughout the U.S., with a strong focus on the Midwest, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Some of our clients include, but are not limited to: 

    ·         Power and Steel Plants, Large Utilities

    ·         Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    ·         Railroads  

    ·         Departments of Transportation (DOTs)

    ·         Marinas 

    ·         State & Government Agencies

    ·         Private Companies

    ES-Divers is set apart from the competition by providing thorough technical reports written by our divers, trained in structural engineering; our 24-HR, on-call dive team that can quickly deploy Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)  compliant teams for emergencies; our extensive experience coordinating with DOTs and other state and federal agencies nationwide; our ability to perform NBIS inspections on bridges of all sizes; and our OSHA, HAZWOPER, and E-Rail qualifications with an excellent safety record.

    We maintain extensive in-house diving capabilities for any application. From hardhat surface-supplied air packages to scientific diving, we provide safe, authoritative solutions for technical and commercial underwater needs. Our fleet of boats and state-of-the-art dive equipment can be customized for many different marine applications, including (but not limited to):

    ·         Underwater Construction

    ·         Potable Water Diving

    ·         Hazardous Diving

    ·         Air Lifting & Jetting

    ·         Barge & Cell Inspections

    ·         Debris Removal

    ·         Intake Cleaning & Inspection

    ·         Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

    ·         Towboat Servicing

    ·         Underwater Video Recording (HD)

    ·         Underwater Welding & Burning

    ·         Salvage

    ·         Zero-Visibility Diving

    ·         Dredging


    Underwater Engineering

    Engineer-Diver Evaluation and Inspection Services include:

    ·         NBIS (National Bridge Inspection Standards)

    ·         Underwater (Level I, II, III)

    ·         Emergency (Impact & Scour Related)

    ·         Hydrographic Surveys

    ·         Remediation & Rehabilitation Design

    ·         Routine Topside

    ·         In-Depth & Fracture Critical

    ·         Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluations

    ·         Scour Evaluations

    Underwater Inspection

    ES-Divers is an independent consulting firm not connected to any marine construction entity.  Clients receive objective and accurate reports with precise data to facilitate maintenance and repair.  Waterway support systems—intakes, pipelines, mooring cells, stationary barges, and bridge piers—form the infrastructure of many industries. Flaws, defects, and cracks in these vital components can lead to structural failure and environmental devastation. Regular inspection of these fundamental elements is necessary to protect the life and industry that thrives around them.

    Underwater Inspection Services include:

    ·         Underwater Bridge Inspection

    ·         Nondestructive Testing & Analysis

    ·         Captioned Photos (Topside and Underwater)

    ·         CAD and GIS Work Products

    ·         Ship & Barge Inspections

    ·         Potable Water / Wastewater Treatment Plants

    ·         Underwater Valve Integrity & Operations

    ·         Underwater Pump & Intake Coating Evaluations

    ·         Sheet Pile Inspection & Repair

    ·         Dolphins & Mooring Cells


    Inland Underwater Surveying & Mapping

    ES-Divers provides cost-effective depth and habitat surveys of lakes, reservoirs, and inland coastal areas using the latest technology. Our equipment allows us to perform a wide variety of specialized marine surveys where underwater substrate roughness is mapped automatically using high-powered sonar. We also perform side-scan sonar surveys for identifying underwater objects such as wrecks and other obstructions. Combined with our advanced GIS Services, these survey tools can provide critical mapping of your project area.

    Our key marine services include:

    ·         Aquatic Vegetation Mapping & Identification

    ·         Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling

    ·         Large-scale Thermal Profiling

    ·         Side-scan Sonar

    ·         Depth Surveys (in-house survey-grade equipment)

    ·         Sub-bottom Profiling

    ·         Diver-performed Habitat Mapping & Characterization

    ·         Substrate Mapping

    ·         Fishery Habitat Mapping

    ·         Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)


    ES-Divers has a long history of safe and reliable service in the marine construction industry.  By making use of our multi-talented staff and locations across the country, ES-Divers can mobilize quickly, offering expert advice and competitive rates for any size project.

    Our services include:

    ·         Underwater & Surface Rigging Services

    ·         Valve & Gate Installation/Replacement

    ·         Cofferdam Fabrication & Installation

    ·         Jetting & Airlifting Services

    ·         Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) weed removal processes

    ·         Underwater Epoxy, Welding, Cutting, & Burning

    ·         Underwater Hydraulic Tool Services

    ·         Concrete and Aggregate Form Work & Pouring Aid

    ·         Pile Jacketing, Repair, & Removal


    As a division of EnviroScience, Inc., ES-Divers has its roots in environmental / waterway permitting service projects.  Environmental compliance is often a top critical schedule factor in marine construction. Our scientists and biologists are experts at simplifying and expediting agency coordination as well as performing biological surveys, including endangered freshwater mussels, 316(a) and 316(b) studies for federal, state, and local transportation projects, and those associated with NPDES outfall and water intake permit modification, the Federal Transit Administration, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) dredging projects. We work all over the U.S. on environmental compliance support by finding innovative, simple solutions to complex problems. EnviroScience is one of only a few environmental companies that are ADCI Member companies (since 2006) and can meet EM-385-1-1, USCG, USACE and Navy specifications required for Federal projects.

    Product Information

    ES-Divers provides inland commercial dive and underwater services for projects large and small. ES-Divers offers comprehensive hardhat underwater inspection and construction services, as well as scientific diving to support biological studies. We provide safe, authoritative solutions for technical and commercial underwater needs. As a general member of ADCI, EnviroScience’s diving standards meet or exceed ADCI requirements as well as OSHA guidelines.
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